Good day and welcome to my portfolio website. Here you will find a large array of works past and present, so have a look around. If you like what you see, bookmark me and consider using me for your next project!


Exodus 7-12, KJV

Exodus 7-12, KJV is an adaptation coming straight out of the King James Version (public domain).

This is a stunning and epic project and a true blessing to work on. The vlog to the left is the latest and is part of a continuing playlist that chronicles the growth and progress of the project. Inside these vlogs you'll find 3D versions of shots, tutorials, tips, theological and apologetic info and most importantly, you'll see it piece by piece before the whole is released!

I want you to feel like you also had a hand in this project so it's just as dear to you!

GOD bless you!

3D Works:

3D Works main image
Exodus 25:22 Verse image
Lots of work, but a great result and opening to the portfolio. Made with Blender (Blender Render) and Make Human.

Tutorials and Animation:

Esther 6, KJV:

Esther 6 came as an assignment at the end of 2015. I was struggling to sleep and I was waiting for something on the PC and while laying on my bed, GOD told me to turn this chapter into a video. Immediately I thought it would look amazing, but it would take an amazing amount of work! Not to be put off, GOD's assignments don't change and I got to work.

For more, check out the YouTube channel.

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Vector images are great to make, but I really prefer Blender. Pairing the two (Blender and Inkscape) has proven extremely useful in the past, so don't count this one out, because it's not a preference.


Fictional tool for a friend of mine's final project. I really like it when someone has an idea of what they want - it makes the process that much more pleasant, quick and fluent.


Photography as an art is really underappreciated. It does take some serious skill to do and I'm still amazed at the amount of pics you need to take of the same thing for 1 to work, haha. If you can do this well, treasure it!
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