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Hey all!

Time for the first work that is reviewed!

Today we'll be looking at this piece:

Time will be no more
Engine: Blender Render

This work is an assignment and reference to the fact that time is not only running out, but that in Heaven there is no measure of time. It is not even a factor. Some translations says that Time will be no more and others say no more delay. However, Time will be no more is my preferred translation from the KJV and it is why the clock is broken. If it's broken, it is of no use anymore, but here it's not shown as a bad thing. In fact, JESUS call for HIS people is a very very good thing! The rapture, though not explicitly called such in the Bible, is a very real event that is referenced quite a few times.
I posted part of a prophecy from Joel (as in the book in the Bible), where GOD brings the nations into judgement because they have done many evil things, including dividing up Isreal and Jerusalem and peace talks are currently underway with this still on the agenda, so definitely check out Joel 3! JESUS is coming soon!!!

I faced a few difficulties while making this one. One of which is the clock face and the pieces on it. The clock face had to be done with the then, recently added, rigid body physics, so the pieces wouldn't just be falling through each other. After trying it a few times, I added more detail to the face and then it finally worked! The pieces didn't fall through each other!

The gears had similar issues. They also kept passing through and failing in experiments with the physics, but in the end, I used various modifiers to rig them, so this image can easily be made into an animation!

And that's it for this piece!! I hope the tip on getting physics to work helps you in your current and future projects!!

Thank YOU!!!!!

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