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Hey all!

Now, a lot of you have, like me, opened the Node editor in Blender, seen the massive grey area and closed it just as quickly, but this, terrifying new thing, should in no way intimidate you more or less than any other feature of Blender.

Compositing is the focused use of this post, and so I won't go into textures, however, I do hope to show you the importance of learning this feature and becoming truly a master of it.

Let's start by naming some things that you can add to your image nodes:
- Great glare effects
- Lens effects
- Color corrections
- Special isolation techniques to enable glowing and focus
- Mist
- Textures and textured distortions (granted, they have to be already used in some other area of the project to appear)
- Blur, rotate, resize, sharpen, soften, etc.
- Create drop shadow with a custom background
- Apply mask transitions (using black and white mattes)
- etc.

These are just a few, but to really show you the impact, I want to show you an image that has been divided into two to show the before and after of compositing:

Before   <      >   After    
(Recent verse image for Cross Allegiance)

Some may argue that the left looks better, but if you look at it briefly, you can't read the text and if you examine it more closely, the edges of the text are jagged. On the after, the text is smooth, the wall is softer and the writing is more readable and a lot easier on the eyes.

I've used the sun glare example quite a bit before, but there is an even bigger reason to use compositing and that is, layering. In a tutorial, Andrew Price, from BlenderGuru, spoke about doing rain and it contains some serious compositing tricks:

(Don't shun it for it's age -- the principles still apply - Original post - important stuff from around 9 mins)

To crown this, I really want you to take a look at this example of a before and after shown next to each other. This was an ad that aired a few years ago, for a worship leader conference; it's some exceptional work:

(Not done with Blender, but unlike most software, Blender can actually do compositing as part of the render process)

Remember, compositing should help you convey your message, not detract from it. Like I said in a previous post, make sure that what you apply to your image, is applied for a reason other than "I saw it in a tutorial once". Be conscious, be deliberate and be creative :D!

Thank you for stopping by!

Thank YOU!!!!!!!!

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