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Hey all!

Today's video is quite an interesting one. Now, in the past, I've not been really strong in the field of rigging and GOD has brought me a long way with tutorials, but, today was just the cherry on the cake when I got to make this test after HIS inspiration:

Without rotation

With rotation; exactly the same rig

A while back, I knew this was possible, but I did not know how this person whose video I saw, implemented it. Not a clue. I thought it would be some sort of bone constraint and while it does involve bone constraints, it is not what gives it that bounciness. No, that's it's conditioner, hahaha. No, kidding, it's part of the fairly new Rigid Body and Rigid Body Constraints found in the physics tab.

I did not get a tutorial video on how to do this. And I looked! haha.
Anyway, after GOD gave me the method, the rest was easy and so, now you get to benefit from this knowledge too! :D

Let me phrase it simply. You are making a spring-like mechanism, so that whatever moves first, has a tail. In the rigid-body constraints, this mechanism is also called a generic spring.
So you have two cubes or whatever objects you'd prefer (they are not to render anyway). Both need to have rigid body constraints in order for this to work. Your anchor object, or hair root, in this case, will be an animated, passive object, whereas the tip of the hair will be dynamic and active. No collisions in this case - though if you need it, don't be afraid to add it.

Now all of the rigid-body constraints you need, go onto the hair point object. You add to it the generic spring type, as enabled and you make object one your root object and object two is your tip object, which we are currently using.
Now, depending on what you are using it for, you may need different settings, but mine has no axes limits enabled, but it's X, Y and Z spring settings are identical.
Stiffness is set at 300 and the damping is set at 0.995

Now, place your objects away from each other and model your hair in there if you don't have it already modeled. Simply rig it with an IK rig, but use B-Bones for the sake of the segment system it has, so you don't add excessive bones that you can't remove later on. Also, make sure you use a target bone for the IK constraint that is tracked to the location of the point object.
The whole system has to be grouped to the root object and the root object to the head. And that's basically it.

If you guys prefer a video tutorial instead, let me know on Facebook here or use the contact page here and I'd be happy to do one if GOD wills.

Hope this has been extremely helpful to you, as it's been to me!! :D

Thank YOU!!!!!

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