August 20, 2016
Hey all!

Many times we feel extremely overwhelmed by our situations and it's tempting to become bitter toward GOD, but it just makes things worse. Now your situation is bad, and you have a lousy attitude which makes you feel worse and you feeling worse, makes you act bad and so you situation gets worse and you get more bitter and so on.

GOD loves us so HE's shown us that HIS joy is our strength. It's not a vague concept that is too hard to grasp - it's the result of following the HOLY SPIRIT's leading. It may not feel good at the time you're doing it, but when you choose to have a good attitude, you are not only showing GOD you are mature enough to be delivered, but you are showing your adversaries that your deliverance is coming, of their destruction and that from GOD.

Ask HIM for speedily! Do not be shy about it, but be respectful about it. HE is GOD and you are not. If you are going through something difficult (talking from experience here), you can know for sure that GOD will help you and that what you're going through can turn out for your benefit and that of others.

GOD is our source, do not fear!

Hearing from GOD - What it's not

July 26, 2016
Hey all!

Welcome to the third post on this topic. Today we'll be talking about what hearing from GOD is not. Now please understand that this is not to talk bad about people, but this is definitely to guard you from making yourself a martyr in the worst sense.

Sometimes people cause their own persecution. They are as mean as a snake and think because no one likes them it's because they call themselves Christians. Then there are people who do wrong things claiming to be Christians, are dealt with...
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Hearing from GOD - Safeguards

July 26, 2016
Hey all!

Continuing with the posts on hearing from GOD. Today we're talking about safeguards.
A lot of what you hear from GOD, you will not find directly in scripture. For example, are you to buy a car or not? Are you to go to this college or that one? Are you to be a missionary or a preacher? Are you supposed to answer this social media post with a comment or not?

These things are not written out in black and white for you, but there are safeguards that are in place for believers to hold onto, ...
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Hearing from GOD - I can hear from GOD

July 26, 2016
Hey all!!

For a while now, I've felt like GOD really press on my heart to start talking about this, particularly teaching people how it works, because GOD really does have a method to the way HE works.

Now please don't take this as like the final say or word on this, because quite frankly, I don't have it perfect, but I'm stepping out in faith here that GOD will speak through me and tell you what HE wants you to know. So let's get into it!

Firstly, you have to be open to believe that GOD ...
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Sound panning is not broken

June 23, 2016
Hey all!

I have to be honest, I also thought that it was broken, but I am so glad GOD did not let me leave it there. I felt prompted to google it. There is always a chance that it may be a bug or whatever, BUT, it was just lack of clarity. For a program as advanced as Blender, tutorials are a must!

So, in the spirit of bringing you tutorials by GOD's grace, we are going to talk about Audio Panning in the VSE (Video Sequence Editor).

Audio options in the N panel, VSE.

Firstly, if you're reading th...

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Sun glare time

May 27, 2016
Hey everyone!

GOD is good! For more keep reading - for the tutorial - well here it is, haha:


I am honored that GOD would use me to make these and I don't take it for granted. I realize that I have, but I am truly amazed that HE uses me for this.

The main problem with this type of sun glare is the hexagon. To get a hexagon shape from a round sun was the wrong question, as HE showed me. You can easily do it the other way around, like in the video. The extras in this video includ...

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Make Human blog post

May 18, 2016
Hey all!

In the last post, I got to share with you guys the finished Esther 6 video (wow, GOD is awesome!) and I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Now, of course, there are people reading this, that are curious about how to make these things in the first place. As GOD would have it, HE arranged for me to write a post on the official Make Human community website so you can get a very good scope of what goes into a short and specifically, characters from Make Human!

Check it out!
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Esther 6 Complete

April 19, 2016
Hey all!

Now, most of you who follow this blog, has probably subscribed to the YouTube channel and gotten the e-mail, but, I felt lead to share this here specifically, so I believe there's someone here that has not yet gotten to see it.

Around the 22 of November last year (2015), GOD told me to make a new Bible animation and this time it has to be chapter 6 from Esther. And I did not want to, hahaha. Really did not want to. HE has me on another project that is on hold at the moment, until the n...
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Manuel Bastioni Lab 1.1.0

March 9, 2016
Hey all!

Some of you may be aware of Manuel from the Make Human project. He's quite the modeler and is no stranger to producing high quality human models. In using this skill, he put together a new character creation add-on for Blender, which stands separately from Make Human, called Manuel Bastioni Lab 1.1.0 (current version).

What makes this one unique is that it's directly in Blender and it supports a shojo anime style - classic and modern.
Personally, I'm not a big fan of the shojo style, be...
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For Anime Tutorial series 1 - Water Reflections

February 8, 2016
Hey all!

I have had this on my heart for quite a while, to do a series on modelling for anime style backgrounds. In this one, we look at Water Reflections:

(Very short and very straight forward)

Now, this is also a very simplistic way of doing these sort of reflections. In fact, this is just when water flows in a straight line. If you have water that goes around bends, you need to adapt this and unwrap your river and toss out the empty and use the texture offset options. To show you how this wor...

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