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Posted by Marius Oberholster on Saturday, March 30, 2019 Under: Tips
Hey all!

I recently got to give my web presence a bit of a face lift - like yay! haha.

I also recently made some voice over demos. I have to say, I absolutely love doing voice over work. To make a demo, you need material that doesn't belong to someone else and the LORD generously gave me a swift motivation to make some demos and over a period of two days, I made 7 demos. 7! I was so tired afterward, hahaha.

You can check them out in this playlist!

So getting back to material you can use. When you do voice over work, you don't own what you make. Just like any other creative field, you are making something for someone else and they essentially own it. They don't own your style, but they do own that specific content. Voice over is a little different, since you are essentially also an actor and you feature in the content. This means that while they do own the content, they do not get to just do with it what they like - it's licensed in a way.

Getting something to record with then requires you to either make stuff up, use public domain stuff or find something you can record. Enter! They have a really awesome collection of sample scripts that you are totally allowed to use for your demos. In fact, they put them there so you can actually make a demo.

I browsed through them, looking at ones I really like doing and my absolute favorites to do were the movie trailer (also the most popular so far, haha) and the travel commercial series. It was soo much fun to do the series and they still make me so happy when I listen to them. In fact, I am so jazzed about them, here:

So, if you need some voice work done and don't have the biggest budget, don't be afraid to ask!

Have a super day and GOD bless you!

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