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Posted by Marius Oberholster on Monday, February 1, 2016 Under: General
Hey all!

Today I posted a solid article about increasing your render speed in Blender Render - so just to help you out, I put together a project that is just a burst and that will show you the difference when you apply some of what what's written to a render vs not doing so. So first the image without the applicable tricks applied:

Render time: 4 minutes

Image with speed-up tricks applied:

Render time: 31seconds

The main differences are:
 - A little more noisy if you check it out at full resolution - which can be remedied by slightly higher samples for the lamp and world. If you increase these for much better shadows, it only goes up to just over 40 seconds - see render at the end of the post.
 - UV unwrapped in the second one, so it changed the look of the first's cloud texture - speed would've remained unaffected by such a minor change as the scale is too similar.
 - Plane texture baked
 - The look of the shadows is slightly different
 - Transparency gloss set to 1 instead of softer for quicker render - visible difference, but looks cool even without it so it works.

As I would be happy to render it if I was going to apply compositing to it:

Render time: 40 seconds

How's that for perspective, hahaha? More than 4x times faster!
Want that link again? Here it is!
Read the sources in the article as well for more tips!

Have a great one and GOD bless!!

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