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GOD's sense of humor is incredible!

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Monday, August 25, 2014 Under: General
Hey all!

I'm working on an eagle model and GOD gave me two extremely funny images in the last steps. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have!

Having said this, HE's also serious about excellence and this how the eagle looks currently and it's progress:

When the head started taking shape

Basic body shape and wings

Very little body modification and feathering on the wings

Toon material on full view with subsurf and freestyle

Body done - needed eyes still

Still needs a third toe on each claw, but very cool so far.

And ta-da; c'est un aigle

Now, as an added tip, I want to help you when you model something like this - reference! I have been so blessed to know about morguefile! Goodness!! What a site! I found some incredible shots of eagles there that have been invaluable to be able to make this.
I ended up using only 3:
 - one from the side (which is why the wings are so extreme)
 - one to check the feet or claws
 - one to get the right geometry for the face (was even a different eagle, hahaha, but it worked).
The way I appoached this is to do the basic modelling on the side image and then move into the forward view, to add depth. It's a vertex by vertex process, but it is sooo effective when you only have to angles to go on! Give it a shot!

On materials. I used only 3 materials:
- One for the nails (no textures) (the same one that's on the eyes in the funny images at the top)
- One for the most of the eagle (has both drawn - beak and legs - and procedural textures - wings, neck band and nostral)
- One for the eyes (only procedural textures)

All are toon shaded materials. Again, if you guys are interested in a toon shaded materials tutorial, give me a shout! :D

I hope that this tip gives you some help and that you've enjoyed this post!!

Thank YOU!!!!!

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