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Hey everyone!

Comin' at ya with another work! Today, we're talking about using the Gimp to make images like this:

Firstly, this video thumbnail is for a ministry called Cross Allegiance. If you've read some of my previous posts, odds are you've seen the name and linked to it. I've been working with them for quite a while now on a voluntary basis and it's been fantastic to say the least. I totally recommend you visit Cross Allegiance. If you don't know JESUS, to change that today by going here.

What is the Gimp? Well, the Gimp is a very well written photo editing application that is open-source and freely available. You can download it here. (note that their site was down at the writing of this post)
The above thumbnail was done in the Gimp and I would venture to say that it was one of the largest, if not the largest projects I've ever done on the program.

You say it's the largest, but it doesn't look like much. And you're right and it's not supposed to. Here is the original frame I used to make the above thumbnail:

(Image credit: Cross Allegiance, Sterling Christian Franklin)

As you can see, it does not look much like the final. The changes that have been made are:
- People at the table and the table was removed (including it's reflection)
- The scoreboard above them was also removed
- Chairs were placed where the people were
- The wooden floor was used to create a clean wooden floor and back wall
- Sterling was cut out from the original frame to be placed back in smaller scale
- Video screen was the original frame blackened then mid-grayed and given a bevel
- Screen itself has the outside of the screen on it, inverted, so the screen is dented
- The original edited frame was used as footage and text was layered over - all merged, faded, duplicated and blurred for screen glow
- Objects were duplicated to produce reflections as basketball courts are typically very reflective - these were smudged to create that uneven floor effect. Shadows on the floor were also added.
- Finally, the Cross Allegiance logo was added as a floor graphic.

The hardest, most worth it and aspect that took the longest was the first, erasing the people and the table and replacing it with clean wooden floor as well as fixing the stripes and adding the chairs. It felt like it took hours, but it I'm sure it took just under two hours (didn't time it). However, the result is almost flawless! And I can't thank GOD enough! HE gave me ideas on how to do things and they just always work.

For example, I didn't know how Gimp's circle selection tool worked and HE urged me to try it for the center circle and it worked beautifully. Then there is also the brilliant way of fixing the wooden floor (to make one without any stripes). HE showed me in my head that if I simply erased the lines, duplicated and flipped the result, I can simply move and smudge a clean wooden floor together and you can see it worked!

Now, there were other challenges in this piece that were by HIS doing as success (like the bevel; turning it a neutral gray was HIS idea), but the point is, this was one of the hardest images, but also, in my mind, one of the coolest I've ever had the opportunity to make and for that, I'm very thankful.

Be sure to check out the video!

Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!

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