From sunrise to sunset

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Hey all!

Today's work is another verse image that had a few sets of challenges, some that may really surprise you:

(Click image or here to view full size)

Now, this was a not a fun one to make. Not because I don't like the verse, because I really like it, but because of it's challenges. 3D software is not designed to produce two worlds in the same image nor two times. No, they're geared toward getting a world feel. That meant that this project needed a serious rethink in method.

There were three ways to do this one that I know of:
- Make a sphere and enlarge it to be the world, which will allow you freedom to texture as you please
- Texture the world and tie it to a sphere in the origin of the scene
- Select your view and add a plane and texture it

I went for option 3. I have used both options 1 and 2, but for this project, as it is a still, option 3 was ideal.
Everything you see here is procedural as usual. So, no use of other programs was made nor was any textures painted. Everything is either generated on the fly (like the ocean) or it's pure procedural, like the clouds and blend textures on the plane. Thus, the backdrop was not hard to make.

Tip: When doing a flat background for an image, make sure that it is not affected by other light sources unless you want it to be. This can be done by making it a layer on it's own, or simply making it shadeless.

In my head, I saw the right side more ocean than small lake, but that did not work out... haha. I think this one turned out better in the end. Despite struggling with the detail of the water (the small waves), it works.

Lights were quite surprising! You'd think by centering a light inside one of the suns would do the trick, haha, no, it did not. I literally had to move and align both light sources so they gave the right shadows and the right reflections of the ground and water. Just see here:
(Not what it looks like in the image, hey, hahaha)

Note: The land is black because of texture and color settings requiring absolute control over those settings.

The light sources you can see are dots encircled by dotted circles; clearly not aligned with the suns in typical fashion, haha.

And last, but not least, the compositing presented some issues. Nothing major, but the brightness of the suns were not sufficient for the threshold alone to make the glare, so I had to use material index and ID mask nodes separate the suns and get that pretty glow. The rest is my typical soft-blurred style of work.

Tip: When working with text and you use ID Mask and so on, render the image in at least FullHD, because the anti-aliasing does not respond well to text. It looks almost painterly. Just trust me on this. It works a lot better to just go hi-res or post in Gimp or whatever. No low-res renders when you isolate text.

I hope these tips help you with similar projects in the future!!
Have a great one and I hope you had a very blessed Easter!

Thank YOU!!!

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