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Posted by Marius Oberholster on Monday, October 3, 2016 Under: Tutorials
Hey all!

That time again, and wow is it happening a lot more often than I expected it to, hahaha. This time, like the title says, we're talking about electricity! The thumbnail pretty much gives it away. Check it out:

GOD is so awesome!!!

This one has a curious story. Infamous Otaku had asked me if I took suggestions and that if so he can suggest some tutorials. Some were basic, but some have little to no work around.
Here are his suggestions:
- Eye color change
- Fireball
- Thunderbolt

 - Eye color change
The eye color change is the least complicated of the lot and can be done by simply keyframing the color block in Blender. Done! hahaha. (sounds super simple, but if you don't know it can be keyframed it is a very valid question).

 - Fireball
He had a specific fireball in mind, but it is so specific that you won't be able to procedurally reproduce it. It would take some serious modelling or billboards. My advice would be to create your own fireball in an anime style. The goal is just how to make fire and therein lies the challenge. I did cover a little on fire in the passed week's vlog, which you can check here:

GOD is so good!!!

 - Thunderbolt
A very difficult one on the offset, because it is such a flexible medium and there seems to be no way of doing it in 3D, but GOD is smarter than we are and HE very very quickly gave me a solution that I passed on to Infamous Otaku, but there is a bit of a language barrier and GOD had me do a tutorial on it this morning. I am so thankful HE did, because he needed it, you needed it, and I did for this week's verse image as well as the Exodus 7-12 project, because the hail, rain and fire starts off with thunder! :D

I know this is gonna bless you immensely!!
Know JESUS yet? HE's the reason I am able to teach you!

Have a wonderful day and GOD bless you!

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