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Posted by Marius Oberholster on Monday, June 1, 2015 Under: Tips
Hey all!

What in the world does that even mean, compositing only render? Simply this, you don't want Blender to do anything with the scene, you just want to use it's compositing on a video or an image sequence. GOD laid it on my heart to figure this one out and HE showed me the way to do it as well! HE's so cool!

It's very simple!
Here are the steps:
> Make sure Blender is set to the resolution and frame rate of what you want to composite (before importing anything! Blender does not adjust this for you - you will need to add effect strips and other stuff to fix it if you don't get this right)
> Tick, under render settings, under post processing, both the Compositing and the Sequencer boxes.
> Delete everything in your scene (NOT the scene, just it's contents - it's a precautionary measure so it will spit an error out if you missed any step and not render at all - it also proves that this method works to skip scene rendering).
> Set the amount of frames that your total footage will have, because it feeds through the scene (for example, if your video will run at 30fps and is 60 seconds, you will need 30x60 frames in your scene. For the record that would be 1800 frames).
> Import your scene (not video) into the video sequence editor.
> Import your audio into the video sequence editor (if there is any).
> Go into the compositor and add your footage and do your thing.
> Remember that you still need the Composite node at the end - no render layer node - and check the result in the video sequence editor periodically and when you're done to make sure your video fits the frame and the result works - yes you do need to refresh the sequencer every time you check back.

Now, if you hit Animation, it will simply composite without rendering anything from the 3DViewport.

I hope this helps you immensely for using Blender as a post production tool as well! :D
Now get out there and composite something! hahaha

Have a great one!!

Thank YOU!!!!!!

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