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Posted by Marius Oberholster on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 Under: Tips
Hey all!

Today I get to share something a little different. Cast approximately in Blender Render. Yes, this seems like this far off feature in the materials settings, and quite frankly, it is, but, it does make a difference:

(none, haha)

Now, ironically, I know this looks like a waste of time, but you and I both know there are features we turn off and on by random, because we think it has this or that effect. While working on an image yesterday, I turned it on and it seemed to give me much better shading and that was what I had hoped to share today, however, this is not the case, haha.

Instead, I'll be telling you what it actually does do.

In your world settings, you find two gathering methods for lighting in formation. Now, cast approx is for objects to be able to cast ambient occlusion shadows when the mode is set to Approximate, instead of Raytrace, like the example given here:

There is a difference and to really see it, I turned off the shadows from the sun lamp and it is very clear. This will simply enable you to get a more realistic look when using approximate than you would've without it.

In conclusion, this feature is not what I thought it was initially, no, but it is most certainly very very useful if you want to do a very quick render that looks rather good :D. I mean, just compare the two spheres - the one to the left looks a heck of a lot better, because of the AO shadow! :D

Anyhow, I really hope you enjoyed this post and that it made you smile and I hope you check out this wiki page where I finally found out what it does, hahahaha.

Have a great one!!

Thank YOU!!!!!!

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