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Hey all!!

A short while ago I did quite a few images based on the public domain poems that accompany the 4 seasons musical pieces. And today we'll be looking at one specifically:

As you can tell, this is not my typical style of work, because I almost never have human beings in my work. Not that I don't want to, but they're sooooo difficult to make, in terms of the face. The rest is fine, the face is the problem, haha.

What made this one difficult was the lighting and the sheer scale.

 > Lighting
In order to get the lighting you see above, the lightning bolt itself, was not permitted to give off any light, nor to cast or receive any shadows. Not receiving wasn't such a problem as it had a high emission value anyway.
You say: "Well, where does the light come from then?"
Simply put, it comes from a series of point lamps stacked from cloud to ground, all with ray shadow active. This not only lit the environment below the clouds, but gave off these beautiful line shadows you see from the flowers as well as the character's feet (yes, he has feet, not little cylinders, haha).

 > Scale
To get this real sense of scale, there were quite a few challenges, because I don't have a super computer, haha.
You see that there is a lot of grass here, but the grass was not done with mesh grass, but with strand rendering. It allows for a much larger amount, so you can cover greater surfaces. The problem here is that the surface is soooo large, that even on strands, it's not enough.
To remedy this, you simply make sure that:
 - Strands are only applied where they appear in the scene
 - Strands are only applied to where they will be visibly discernible (seen as strands)
For example, the scene here is divided into two sections that lay above each other. The one on top is what you see closest to the camera, which has strands on it and the other is below it, which simply has a texture on it. They look something like this in the scene:

As you can tell, the perspective aspect of the scene means that while it covers only a small part of the scene, it needs a huge surface area. The same goes for the clouds.

 - Aspect of detail in scale
As we all know, large scenes have extreme amounts of detail. Here we have:
 - Rain
 - Hail
 - Flowers
 - Grass
 - Goats
 - Trees (with leaves)
 - Clouds
 - A character

To get all this, you will inevitably make use of particle systems. To make the flowers for example, you'd make 3 or 4 individual flowers, add textures, etc and then group them. You can then apply the group to the render section of the particle system. Blender will then, based on your settings, distribute the flowers over the field. The same with the goats, trees, etc.
With trees you have the option of doing it manually, but do note that this may take you quite a while, however, the result can be well worth it.

 > Post
Never forget to go into the compositor to finish off your work. No matter how simple of a render, it can always do with some post production, even if it is just to add or remove some color, even out the image or whatever. Just don't even abandon it to the render alone. Check out Andrew's article on post-processing as a need for photo-realism. Just don't overdo it, please, hahaha.

Andrew wrote a great article on getting your renders to a higher level as well; though the title is a bit harsh if you consider it as an attack and not an internal question of frustration like:"Why does my render look so terrible....". Check it out here.

And that's it for today's image! I hope you learned something from this and that it helps you with your next or current project!!

Do remember that I don't do this on my own. If GOD did not show me what to make, these images would not be here and you would not be benefiting from the experience HE gave me. Get to know JESUS and let HIM guide you for the benefit of others; it's the best way to live > for HIM.

Thank YOU!!!!!!!!

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