Clearly looking for more info on Blender!
Here are a few recommendations that you can check out.
Remember, you use these at your own risk.
The official Blender website. Currently being remodeled and I'm very excited about it, you can visit here to see a newsfeed on BlenderNation as well as the BlenderFoundation. You can also access some fantastic tutorials here, contribute and find updates on upcoming events hosted by the BlenderFoundation.
Blender Nation
A fantastic news feed on all things Blender. Definitely worth checking out. There are even occasionally links to tutorials and demo reels.
Blender Guru
Amazing tutorials and total proof that Blender is now slouch when it comes to realism produced from even a single PC! Totally worth checking out!
This was one of the first sites' who's tutorials actually helped me a lot. Especially his tutorial on Blender's Interface (which is very user-friendly for a 3D program) and his tutorial on unwrapping a pyramid-like triangle. Some fantastic stuff and totally worth checking out!
Panther Dynamics
Let's not forget my own website here, haha. I have some free tutorials that you can download as well. They are in PDF form so you can not only store them easily (as they are smaller than videos), but you can do them at your own pace!
Official Cycles Blender Demo Reel for 2015
Credit: Polar Bear by Marius Oberholster from Panther Dynamics