Here you will find an FAQ type sheet, where you can read a bit on Blender.
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What is Blender?
Blender is a phenomenal open-source 3D-suite that is freely available. You can use it for any use and that includes even modifying and redistributing it. It is licensed as free software in a way that ensures it stays free and that you can use it for whatever you wish. Just check this quote from the main site:
"Blender is 3D creation for everyone, free to use for any purpose.
Free Software, great community, and 100% open."

How do I get it?
Click on the Download link above and you'll be one step closer. Remember, you use Blender and third-party websites completely at own risk. In no way am I responsible for your conduct or damages as it relates to your use of programs.

Can I support Blender?
Absolutely! There are links on the main site that you can use to donate to the project and keep it going. The more donate, the more development can be done! You can also help market Blender as the fantastic software it is. Be creative! Who knows, you may be used to generate more than twice the current donations over a year within a month! I for one would be extremely grateful!

Do I need a special OS (Operating System)?
Generally, no, because it runs on most Linux distro's as well as Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and Mac OS (32-bit and 64-bit). That means, if you are on one of the major systems, you're set.

Where can I see what Blender can do?
There is annually a conference for the industry called Siggraph. Blender usually exhibits with great results and produces a demo reel every year, as Blender develops rather fast. If you want to see the 2013 one, click on More.

Why Blender?
Because it can do most of what Pixar's software can do. Therefore, it is not inferior to other 3D suites available today. The best part is that it is free and open-source.

How do I use Blender?
This is where humility is needed. 3D programs are a lot more complex than your average end-user piece. You are literally attempting to mimic creation (whether stylistically or realistically). That means you will have to learn a lot and quick, so watch tutorials. You can find some great recommendations on the more link above.
Some of my work in Blender:
Credit: NASA, 70m DSN Satellite model excl. square base
Credit: Inspiration and modeling ideas came from Andrew Price's tutorial and reference images, found here.