Completed Animations and Music Videos
   Esther 6, KJV
A short animation, covering chapter 6 of the book of Esther. It took approximately 5 months to complete and almost everything had to be made from scratch. I thank GOD for Make Human, otherwise I would've had to model every character and extra by hand!
   Genesis 1, KJV
Similar to Esther 6 and it's predecessor, it was my very first fully produced animation (animation, sound, editing, etc.). I learned so much during this production and again, learned about Make Human's usefulness for toon shading.
   Music Videos
A short while back, GOD challenged me to start doing a song every month and that has been quite a difficult task, but a very educational one about deadlines and consistency. Some are more intricate than others, but so far, HE has enabled me to finish everyone on time! GOD is so good and I hope these are a blessing to you!