3D Works

3D Works
Verse images (all KJV, public domain) - These were done as part of ministry work with Cross Allegiance.
YouTube video thumbails - Thumbnails are like a first impression and these were done for Cross Allegiance.
Check out the Cross Allegiance YouTube channel to see these in their habitat
Vivaldi's 4 Seasons - Based on the accompanying sonnets

My book on Procedural Textures
- Possible results from principles taught in the book

Blender Guru
- Competition entries and Tutorial results, check out BlenderGuru.com for yourself!

3D Work
- GOD assigned work, to make 3D speedy in Blender Render and Cycles Render

- Work with no particular category, but still inspired by GOD
Note that some works here, are not entirely made with 3D software and others not at all, yet they represent three dimensional areas and effects, therefore, they were categorized here. The best example of this is the thumbnails - a lot of them contain elements that were made in 3D software.